Vogue Vienna

Vienna is a "red" beer, featuring a fresh and thirst-quenching composition and an excellent balance between sweet and bitter. Its flavour is characterised by caramelised malt, followed by a note of chestnut honey and dried fruit. The pleasant bitterness contrasts the sweetness of the malt.

  • Vol. 5,2%
  • IBU 25
  • Temp. 8-10 °C
Bouquet & Pairings
  • The intense scent of caramelised barley malt and dried fruit is well balanced, while the German noble hops produce a grassy perfume.
  • The ideal beer for pairing with soups, lasagna with meat sauce, red meats, potatoes and apple desserts.


Unionbirrai Beer of the Year 2020

#BdA2020 cat. 6 - amber and dark beers, low fermentation, low alcohol content, German-inspired (vienna, marzen, monaco, schwarz, dark lager)