We choose to produce organic products because we want to produce a genuine beer while safeguarding the resources that nature offers us.

We consider organic production to be, first and foremost, an ethical question. Our beers result from the belief that, in order to obtain a natural and high-quality product, it is necessary to respect our land, cultivating it by using sophisticated, gentle and innovative techniques.


Couture beers are born in a territory that we are thoroughly familiar with. We have been taking care of this land for almost a century. We produce our beers while aiming for the highest standards of purity without using chemicals. We invest in cutting-edge machinery that allows us to constantly improve our cultivation, fermentation and bottling methods.


The authenticity of Couture beers is also guaranteed by the sustainable use of the aquifer, which we protect against possible polluting agents. Water is one of the most important resources that we cannot and must not waste, which is why we protect it through careful monitoring systems.

Respect for the environment

Couture beers are produced using sustainable methods. Our cultivation and production techniques not only respect our choice of organic production but act to protect the environment. In 2007, we equipped ourselves with a solar-panel system that we have upgraded over the years with the aim of using clean energy in the production stages of our beers.